CPB World Trade Monitor (including September 2014)

The volume of world trade increased 1.9% in September 2014, following a 0.5% decline in August (initial estimate: -0.8%).

World trade monitor | 25‑11‑2014 | Download (Spreadsheet, 325.8 KB)

CPBs short-term forecasts September 2014

Four times a year CPB publishes short-term forecasts of the Dutch economy and the world economy. This is the third forecast of 2014.

Short-term forecast | 16‑09‑2014 | Download (PDF document, 1.4 MB)

See for yourself what will happen to European governments' debt

What will happen to the level of government debt for the EU countries? Will the level of debt in Greece and other trouble European countries continue to grow?

European government debts | 19‑05‑2014 | Download (Spreadsheet, 586 KB)


1¼% economic growth in 2015

Government budget deficit will be 2.6% GDP this year and 2.2% GDP in 2015

6¾% unemployment in 2015

purchasing power ½% in 2015

The volume of world trade increased 1.9% in September.

1¼% inflation in 2015


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