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Central Economic Plan 2017

Global economic growth is expected to accelerate this year and also slightly in the year thereafter; particularly due to growth increases in emerging economies.

CEP | 24 March 2017

14 pages | pdf document, 717.5 KB

ISBN 978-90-5833-764-1 | Go to publication

Macro Economic Outlook (MEV) 2017

In this publication CPB presents its analyses and projections of both the Dutch and worldwide economy in 2016 and 2017.

MEV 2017 | 20 September 2016

102 pages | pdf document, 1.9 MB

ISBN 978-90-1239-863-3 | Go to publication

Central Economic Plan 2016

The moderate rate of economic recovery is continuing, on a global level, with a 2.9% growth in the world economy projected for this year, and 3.2% for the next.

CEP | 21 March 2016

pdf document, 1.9 MB

ISBN 978-90-1239-758-2 | Go to publication

Roads to recovery

Financial crisis, euro crisis what’s next? The title of this book suggests an answer: recovery. Yet, what road will it take?

CPB Book 11 | 19 June 2014

162 pages | pdf document, 5.4 MB

ISBN 978-90-5833-645-3 | Go to publication

Central Economic Plan 2014

In the Central Economic Plan 2014 (CEP 2014) CPB presents analyses and projections for the Dutch and world economy. This is a translation of chapter 1 of the Dutch publication.

CEP | 18 March 2014

pdf document, 959.3 KB

ISBN 978-90-1239-279-2 | Go to publication

The future of health care

This study offers a framework for thinking on the future health care system. This is an extensive English summary of the recently published Dutch study ‘Toekomst voor de zorg’.

CPB Policy Brief 2013/03 | 2 May 2013

18 pages | pdf document, 1.9 MB

ISBN 978-90-5833-597-5 | Go to publication

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