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Charted Choices 2018-2021

CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis has published the results of its assessment of the election manifestos. The report, Charted Choices 2018-2021, contains an analysis of the financial-economic choices made by 11 Dutch political parties. Differences between them proved to be large; both in the types of measures chosen by the various parties and in the resulting effects.

CPB Book 28 | 16 February 2017

374 pages | pdf document, 6.1 MB

ISBN 978-90-5833-756-6 | Go to publication

Central Economic Plan (CEP) 2013

In the Central Economic Plan 2013 (CEP 2013) CPB presents analyses and projections for the Dutch and world economy. This is a translation of chapter 1 of the Dutch publication.

CEP 2013 | 13 March 2013

pdf document, 1.1 MB

ISBN 978-90-1257-777-9 | Go to publication

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