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Back to normal monetary policy

The question is no longer if, but when and how unconventional monetary policy will be phased out. The undoing of the unconventional policies will affect European economies, just as their build up stimulated the euro area economy.

CPB Policy Brief 2017/07 | 8 June 2017

22 pages | pdf document, 2.8 MB

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Credit Supply Shocks in the Netherlands

This study looks at the effects of credit supply shocks in the Netherlands and provides estimates of how important credit supply disturbances have been for explaining the recent disappointing economic growth.

CPB Discussion Paper 320 | 12 January 2016

44 pages | pdf document, 900.5 KB

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Roads to recovery

Financial crisis, euro crisis what’s next? The title of this book suggests an answer: recovery. Yet, what road will it take?

CPB Book 11 | 19 June 2014

162 pages | pdf document, 5.4 MB

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The potential of a small model

This CPB Discussion Paper highlights potential uses of simple, small models where large traditional models are less flexible.

CPB Discussion Paper 193 | 10 November 2011

22 pages | pdf document, 650.5 KB

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