1. Presentation 'CPB’s role in the Dutch medium-term budgetary framework'

    Presentation used by Wim Suyker during the 7th Annual meeting of OECD Parliamentary budget officials & independent fiscal institutions in Vienna.

    CPB Presentation  | 17‑04‑2015 | Download (PDF document, 611 KB)

  2. Central Economic Plan 2015

    For this year and the next, economic growth is projected to go up to 1.7% and 1.8%, respectively.

    CEP  | 16‑03‑2015 | Download (PDF document, 1.8 MB)

  3. Assessment of the technical assumptions on exchange rates, oil prices and interest rates (CEP2015)

    This CPB Background Document presents an assessment of the technical assumptions on the projections (short: projections) of four variables.

    CPB Background Document  | 16‑03‑2015 | Download (PDF document, 2 MB)

  4. Estimating the Impact of Forced Sales on House Prices

    We study the price effects of forced sales on the Dutch housing market. A forced sale may result in a lower transaction price because of e.g. suboptimal incentives for revenue maximization.

    CPB Discussion Paper 304 | 10‑03‑2015 | Download (PDF document, 1.4 MB)

  5. Mismatch on the Dutch labour market in the Great Recession

    The Great Recession has caused unemployment in the Netherlands to rise from 3.1% in 2008 to over 7% at the beginning of 2014. Structural imbalances caused by labour mismatch could be one of the explanations underlying this high rate.

    CPB Discussion Paper 303 | 26‑02‑2015 | Download (PDF document, 2.6 MB)

  6. Technical background document for BVAR models used at CPB

    At CPB, we have developed two Bayesian vector autoregressive (VAR) models, one for the Dutch economy and one for the world trade.

    CPB Background Document  | 24‑02‑2015 | Download (PDF document, 1.5 MB)

  7. Fiscal policy and CO2 emissions of new passenger cars in the EU

    To what extent have national fiscal policies contributed to the decarbonisation of newly sold passenger cars?

    CPB Discussion Paper 302 | 5‑02‑2015 | Download (PDF document, 508.8 KB)

  8. Technological Uncertainty in Meeting Europe’s Decarbonisation Goals

    In response to the challenge of managing the risks of a changing climate, there is no single optimal transition path for energy technology due to uncertainty in several dimensions.

    CPB Discussion Paper 301 | 23‑01‑2015 | Download (PDF document, 3.3 MB)

  9. Does the teacher beat the test? The additional value of teacher assessment in predicting student ability

    This research investigates to what extent subjective teacher assessment of children’s ability adds to the use of test scores in the explanation of children’s outcomes in the transition from elementary to secondary school.

    CPB Discussion Paper 300 | 19‑01‑2015 | Download (PDF document, 2.2 MB)

  10. The Regional Impact of Bilateral Investment Treaties on Foreign Direct Investment

    We examine the impact of bilateral investment treaties (BITs) on bilateral FDI stocks using extensive data from 1985 until 2011.

    CPB Discussion Paper 298 | 16‑01‑2015 | Download (PDF document, 2 MB)

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