1. CPB Financial Stability Report 2014

    Report for the Dutch House of Representatives about international and national macroeconomic developments related to the financial sector

    CPB Communication  | 7‑08‑2014 | Download (PDF document, 940.2 KB)

  2. Do Wages Continue Increasing at Older Ages? Evidence on the Wage Cushion in the Netherlands

    In this study, we investigate the anatomy of older workers’ wages.

    CPB Discussion Paper 282 | 28‑07‑2014 | Download (PDF document, 2 MB)

  3. Optimally Differentiated Carbon Prices for Unilateral Climate Policy

    In this paper, a computable general equilibrium set-up is chosen in order to examine what pattern of differentiated carbon prices emerges as optimal in a second-best world.

    CPB Discussion Paper 283 | 24‑07‑2014 | Download (PDF document, 574.3 KB)

  4. Age-Specific Labour Market Effects of Employment Protection - A numerical approach

    The particular situation of the youngest and oldest individuals on the labour market motivates age-specific labour market analysis.

    CPB Discussion Paper 281 | 22‑07‑2014 | Download (PDF document, 1.7 MB)

  5. Bank recapitalization

    Banks have to increase their capital ratios to meet the new regulation requirements.

    CPB Background Document  | 11‑07‑2014 | Download (PDF document, 1.5 MB)

  6. Targeted advertising, platform competition and privacy

    Targeted advertising can benefit consumers through lower prices for access to websites. Yet, if consumers dislike that websites collect their personal information, their welfare may go down.

    CPB Discussion Paper 280 | 7‑07‑2014 | Download (PDF document, 1.7 MB)

  7. Economic growth and funded pension systems

    Growing pension savings lead to deeper capital markets. This can have a positive effect on economic growth by allowing firms that are more dependent on external finance to grow faster.

    CPB Discussion Paper 279 | 2‑07‑2014 | Download (PDF document, 2 MB)

  8. Roads to recovery

    Financial crisis, euro crisis what’s next? The title of this book suggests an answer: recovery. Yet, what road will it take?

    CPB Book 11 | 19‑06‑2014 | Download (PDF document, 5.4 MB)

  9. The Dutch labour market during the Great Recession

    This publication accompanies CPB Book 11 'Roads to recovery', it serves as a background paper to the labour market chapter in the CPB book.

    CPB Background Document  | 19‑06‑2014 | Download (PDF document, 2.2 MB)

  10. Presentation CPB Book 11 'Roads to recovery'

    Presentation used by Albert van der Horst during the presentation of the CPB Book 'Roads to recovery', 2014, June 16.

    CPB Presentation  | 16‑06‑2014 | Download (PDF document, 629.5 KB)

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