1. Structural budget balance: a love at first sight turned sour

    The structural budget balance, which corrects the nominal government budget balance for one-offs and business cycle effects, is used to assess underlying fiscal policy effort.

    CPB Policy Brief 2014/07 | 21‑10‑2014 | Download (PDF document, 2.7 MB)

  2. Collective versus Individual Pension Schemes: a Welfare-Theoretical Perspective

    This paper explores the welfare effects of a number of collective pension contracts, distinguishing between the two welfare effects.

    CPB Discussion Paper 287 | 20‑10‑2014 | Download (PDF document, 1010 KB)

  3. The effectiveness of fiscal stimuli for working parents

    We study the relative effectiveness of fiscal stimuli for working parents in an empirical model of household labour supply and childcare use.

    CPB Discussion Paper 286 | 17‑10‑2014 | Download (PDF document, 4.3 MB)

  4. Labour market effects of job displacement for prime-age and older workers

    This paper studies the effect of firm closures for prime-age and older workers.

    CPB Discussion Paper 285 | 30‑09‑2014 | Download (PDF document, 1.6 MB)

  5. Macro Economic Outlook (MEV) 2015

    In this publication CPB presents its analyses and projections of both the Dutch and worldwide economy in 2014 and 2015.

    MEV  | 16‑09‑2014 | Download (PDF document, 1.4 MB)

  6. Maximum likelihood estimation of the Markov chain model with macro data and the ecological inference model

    This paper merges two isolated bodies of literature: the Markov chain model with macro data (MacRae, 1977) and the ecological inference model (Robinson, 1950).

    CPB Discussion Paper 284 | 15‑09‑2014 | Download (PDF document, 1.5 MB)

  7. Three scenarios for European economic recovery

    This document describes in more detail how the three scenarios for European economic recovery that are presented in Roads to Recovery have been constructed.

    CPB Background Document  | 27‑08‑2014 | Download (PDF document, 394.5 KB)

  8. CPB Financial Stability Report 2014

    Report for the Dutch House of Representatives about international and national macroeconomic developments related to the financial sector

    CPB Communication  | 7‑08‑2014 | Download (PDF document, 940.2 KB)

  9. Do Wages Continue Increasing at Older Ages? Evidence on the Wage Cushion in the Netherlands

    In this study, we investigate the anatomy of older workers’ wages.

    CPB Discussion Paper 282 | 28‑07‑2014 | Download (PDF document, 2 MB)

  10. Optimally Differentiated Carbon Prices for Unilateral Climate Policy

    In this paper, a computable general equilibrium set-up is chosen in order to examine what pattern of differentiated carbon prices emerges as optimal in a second-best world.

    CPB Discussion Paper 283 | 24‑07‑2014 | Download (PDF document, 574.3 KB)

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