1. Follow the leader? Public and private wages in the Netherlands

    This study investigates wage leadership in the Netherlands. We empirically examine public and private wages using several wage definitions for the period 1980-2012.

    CPB Discussion Paper 274 | 24‑04‑2014 | Download (PDF document, 1.3 MB)

  2. Saving behavior and risk taking: Evidence from the Dutch Tax Reform in 2001

    We estimate the impact of the marginal tax rate on the ownership in risk-bearing assets and on the share in total assets.

    CPB Discussion Paper 273 | 23‑04‑2014 | Download (PDF document, 1.4 MB)

  3. Cross-Country Insurance Mechanisms in Currency Unions: An Empirical Assessment

    Countries in a monetary union can adjust to shocks either through internal or external mechanisms.

    CPB Background Document  | 17‑04‑2014 | Download (PDF document, 2.1 MB)

  4. Time variation in the dynamic effects of unanticipated changes in tax policy

    Using a structural vector autoregression with time-varying parameters, I analyze to what extent the dynamic effects of unanticipated changes in tax policy have changed structurally over the post World War II period in the United States.

    CPB Discussion Paper 271 | 25‑03‑2014 | Download (PDF document, 1.1 MB)

  5. Reduced-rank time-varying vector autoregressions

    The standard time-varying VAR workhorse suffers from overparameterization, which is a serious problem as it limits the number of variables and lags that can be incorporated in the model.

    CPB Discussion Paper 270 | 25‑03‑2014 | Download (PDF document, 2.1 MB)

  6. A Financial Market Model for the Netherlands

    The Commission Parameters advises to use the KNW-capital market model to generate a uniform scenario set which enables comparable feasibility tests of pension funds possible.

    CPB Background Document  | 21‑03‑2014 | Download (PDF document, 846 KB)

  7. Cities, Tasks and Skills

    This research applies a task-based approach to measure and interpret changes in the employment structure of the 168 largest US cities in the period 1990-2009.

    CPB Discussion Paper 269 | 20‑03‑2014 | Download (PDF document, 1.3 MB)

  8. Central Economic Plan 2014

    In the Central Economic Plan 2014 (CEP 2014) CPB presents analyses and projections for the Dutch and world economy. This is a translation of chapter 1 of the Dutch publication.

    CEP  | 18‑03‑2014 | Download (PDF document, 959.3 KB)

  9. Public funding of science: An international comparison

    This CPB background document investigates the different allocation mechanisms of public research funding in a sample of seven countries.

    CPB Background Document  | 13‑03‑2014 | Download (PDF document, 3.9 MB)

  10. Measuring too-big-to-fail funding advantages from small banks’ CDS spreads

    Large banks derive a funding advantage from being too-big-to-fail, while small banks do not.

    CPB Discussion Paper 268 | 24‑02‑2014 | Download (PDF document, 1.5 MB)

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