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Estimating the Impact of Forced Sales on House Prices

We study the price effects of forced sales on the Dutch housing market. A forced sale may result in a lower transaction price because of e.g. suboptimal incentives for revenue maximization.

CPB Discussion Paper 304 | 10 March 2015

36 pages | pdf document, 1.4 MB

ISBN 978-90-5833-682-8 | Go to publication

Mismatch on the Dutch labour market in the Great Recession

The Great Recession has caused unemployment in the Netherlands to rise from 3.1% in 2008 to over 7% at the beginning of 2014. Structural imbalances caused by labour mismatch could be one of the explanations underlying this high rate.

CPB Discussion Paper 303 | 26 February 2015

38 pages | pdf document, 2.6 MB

ISBN 978-90-5833-680-4 | Go to publication

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