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Henk Kox

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CPB Book 20 | 25 February 2016

148 pages | pdf document, 7.7 MB

ISBN 978-90-5833-716-0 | Go to publication

Targeted advertising, platform competition and privacy

Targeted advertising can benefit consumers through lower prices for access to websites. Yet, if consumers dislike that websites collect their personal information, their welfare may go down.

CPB Discussion Paper 280 | 7 July 2014

44 pages | pdf document, 1.7 MB

ISBN 978-90-5833-650-7 | Go to publication

Dynamic market selection in EU business services

European business services has witnessed about two decades of virtual productivity stagnation. The paper investigates whether this is caused by weak dynamic market selection.

CPB Discussion Paper 210 | 28 August 2012

38 pages | pdf document, 1.6 MB

ISBN 978-90-5833-552-4 | Go to publication

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