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Hugo Rojas-Romagosa

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Hugo Rojas-Romagosa's research interests include trade and inequality, globalization and labor markets, trade policy and CGE modeling, trade in services and FDI, trade and heterogeneous firms.

Publications by Hugo Rojas-Romagosa

Potential economic effects of TTIP for the Netherlands

The economic effects of TTIP are analysed with WorldScan. TTIP is expected to have a positive effect on trade between the EU and the US and on investment and economic growth in both areas. Hence, the Netherlands will benefit with an increase in GDP of 1.7% in 2030.

CPB Discussion Paper 331 | 14 July 2016

30 pages | pdf document, 460.3 KB

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Trade effects of Brexit for the Netherlands

On June 23th the United Kingdom (UK) will hold a referendum on its European Union’s (EU) membership. Brexit will occur in the event of a leave vote and this will have far-reaching consequences.

CPB Background Document | 9 June 2016

32 pages | pdf document, 1.3 MB

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