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Rudy Douven

programmaleider (waarn.)

  • +31 6 15589095
  • R.C.M.H.Douven@cpb.nl
  • Centraal Planbureau
  • Bezuidenhoutseweg 30
  • 2594 AV Den Haag

I am health economist and policy advisor at CPB, Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis and Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR). I have been a researcher at CPB since 1996, where I worked for the last ten years on health policy and reform. In my work I have often bridged the gap between research and policy; for example, I was responsible for the formal analysis of the proposed health policy measures by the political parties during the general elections in 2010 and 2012. I spearheaded the research that led in 2011 to make health insurers responsible for controlling the total level of health care expenditure. I also worked as an expert adviser for many official working groups, such as the Dutch Social Economic Council on long-term care in 2009, the official working group on reconsidering curative health care in 2010 and at the working group on mental illnesses in 2010 and efficiency in 2013. In 2013-2014, I worked as a Harkness Fellow at the Health Care and Policy Department of Harvard Medical School in Boston, USA.

 I have published my work in the following peer-reviewed  international journals:

Health Affairs, Journal of Health Economics, Journal of Human Resources, Health Economics, Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, Control Engineering Practice, European Journal of Political Economy, European Journal of Health Economics, International Journal of Health Economics and Management, Economic Modelling, International Journal of Health Care Finance and Economics, International Journal of Game Theory, Biometrical Journal.

I have presented my work in many different countries. For a full list of my English and Dutch work, please visit my CV above.


Publications by Rudy Douven

Cost-Sharing Design Matters: A Comparison of the Rebate and Deductible in Healthcare

Since 2006, the Dutch population has faced two different cost-sharing schemes in health insurance for curative care: a mandatory rebate of 255 euros in 2006 and 2007, and since 2008 a mandatory deductible. Using administrative data for the entire Dutch population, we compare the effect of both cost-sharing schemes on healthcare consumption between 2006 and 2013.

CPB Discussion Paper 367 | 7 December 2017

60 pages | pdf document, 1.5 MB

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Pleidooi voor een experiment met eigen risico in de zorg

De politiek is verdeeld over het eigen risico in de zorg. Dit biedt een uitgelezen kans voor de nieuwe regering om de effecten van het eigen risico eens goed te onderzoeken. Daarvoor is een experiment nodig waarbij het eigen risico voor een gerandomiseerde groep wordt kwijtgescholden. De kabinetsformatie is een ideaal moment om hierover afspraken te maken.

Mededeling | 23 June 2017

pdf document, 107.6 KB

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CPB Policy Brief 2017/06 | 18 May 2017

pdf document, 2.9 MB

ISBN 978-90-5833-774-0 | Go to publication

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