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Education and Science

Knowledge is an important factor for economic growth as well as economic and individual welfare. Societies develop more and more into ‘knowledge economies’ and for individuals it becomes more and more important to acquire and enhance knowledge and skills in order to be able to keep up with recent developments.

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The research program Education and Science does research on the factors stimulating acquisition, use and enhancement of knowledge and skills.

The research program on Education focuses on questions such as ‘How are knowledge and skills - i.e. human capital - developed and what are the returns to human capital?’; ‘How is human capital influenced by government policies, which policies are effective and how?’; ‘What is the role of the existing institutions in the education sector, how do they incentivize the main agents such as teachers or pupils?’.

The research program on Science focuses on questions such as ‘How large is the effect of science on economic growth?’; ‘How effective is current science policy?’; ‘What is the role and effect of institutional factors in the field of science?’.

Most recent publications

Do paid teacher trainee programs lead to additional teachers in secondary education? A Regression Discontinuity Analysis

This paper evaluates the quantitative effects of two teacher traineeships that were implemented in the Netherlands to address shortages of fully qualified teachers in secondary education. Applying a fuzzy regression discontinuity design, we estimate the effects of being selected to participate in one of the traineeships. We find no significant local average treatment effects of being selected on the probabilities of enrolling into academic teacher training, obtaining a full teaching qualification, and on working in education, although the point estimates are positive for the first two outcome variables.

CPB Discussion Paper 374 | 14 February 2018

34 pages | pdf document, 1.6 MB

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