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Government spending is almost half of the gross domestic product (GDP) and the government finances spending for a large part by taxation.

CPB studies government finance: how do government spening, government income, budget deficit and public debt develop? CPB publishes different forecasts on the short, middle and long term.

Decentral governments

Decentral governments play an important role in the provision of public services and with the intended decentralizations of social policies they will acquire important additional tasks. A recent note ('Decentralisaties in het sociaal domein', only in Dutch)  has documented various opportunities and risks of these decentralizations. On the request of the Ministries of the Interior and Finance as well as the Association of Dutch Municipalities, this topic will be further explored and expanded in the near future. An earlier study ('Fiscal decentralisation in the Netherlands: History, current practice and economic theory') explored the assignment of tasks between the central government, provinces and municipalities from a historic and economic-theoretic perspective.

Most recent publications

Cost-benefit analysis for flood risk management and water governance in the Netherlands: an overview of one century

The Netherlands is a global reference for flood risk management. This reputation is based on a mix of world-class civil engineering projects and innovative concepts of water governance. For more than a century, cost-benefit analysis has been an important tool for both flood risk management as well as water governance in the Netherlands. It has helped to select the most effective and efficient flood risk projects and to coordinate and reconcile the interests of various policy areas, levels of government and private stakeholders.

CPB Background Document | 22 August 2017

52 pages | pdf document, 1.7 MB

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Study of cost-benefit analysis for e-government

The Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK) has asked CPB to determine the extent to which the methodology of cost-benefit analysis (CBA), or valuable elements thereof, can be applied in a useful and practical way within the e-government domain.

CPB Communication | 1 August 2017

28 pages | pdf document, 1.4 MB

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