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Labour market

The labour marktet is constantly changing. Young people find their first job, older employees retire. Some employees lose their job and look for a new one, others start their own business or start working freelance. And all employers and employees have to adapt to technological progress and globalisation.

CPB research into the labour market focuses on taxes, wages and social security, labour market flexibility, the labour market for older employees and forecasts on how the Dutch labour market will develop in the short, and also the longer term.

Most recent publications

Competition and pricing behavior in long term care markets: Evidence from the Market for Assistance in Daily Housekeeping Activities

Exploiting a rich data set on the Dutch market for assistance in daily housekeeping activities (ADHA), we find that larger providers obtain a higher price than do small providers. However, compared to other studies on market power in care markets this price difference is considered small to moderate.

CPB Discussion Paper 373 | 8 February 2018

24 pages | pdf document, 480.6 KB

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