January 7, 2019

8 scientific staff members

CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis conducts scientific economic research that is used by policymakers and politicians in the decision-making process around policy issues. As a scientific staff member, you will be working on complex issues, which you will address from various and sometimes unexpected perspectives.

We recruit 8 scientific staff within various sectors of CPB

General information
You work within a team of highly educated professionals on policy-relevant economic research. You will be involved, among other things, in setting up and carrying out policy analyzes and practically applying economic or statistical theory to complex issues. In time, you will be responsible for setting up and carrying out high-quality research. You answer questions from, among others, the government and ministries. In doing so, you take into account various interests and external developments. You often use and develop scientific methods and techniques. You publish and present the independent analyzes for different target groups: policy and science. You will be able to grow into an experienced senior academic staff member within the CPB.

General vacancies
The CPB is a dynamic work environment. We like to offer opportunities to scientists with demonstrable affinity with quantitative economic analyzes. In addition to the seven specific vacancies mentioned in this advertisement, there are other possibilities to work as a scientific employee within the CPB. Would you like to work on the cutting edge of science and policy? If you would like to respond to this vacancy yet to be filled in, we will investigate together what your options are at the CPB.

For 3 vacancies, a specific description follows below.

Vacancy 1: for a (senior) researcher within the department: Macro analysis 
The International Analysis program makes estimates and analyzes of international economic development in the short and medium term and carries out research into trade and migration. The central question that is constantly on the agenda is the influence of international developments on the Dutch economy. The program publishes the renowned World Trade Monitor (WTM) every month. We are looking for a graduate economist or econometrist who preferably has a PhD, has affinity with international economics and experience with empirical research.
Information about this vacancy can be obtained from dr. A. van der Horst, head of the sector Macro-Analyse (06- 52526165)

Vacancy 2: for an academic researcher within the department: Competition and Regulation
The candidate holds a degree (MSc or PhD) in economics or econometrics and has knowledge of or strong interest in health-economics, the application of econometric techniques to healthcare issues and the effects of incentives on behavior. The candidate participates in the evaluation of policy proposals in the field of healthcare. You will be one of the eight employees working on the economics of health care. Specific topics include the effects of deductibles and co-payments on health care costs, the effectiveness and efficiency of health care policy measures and welfare effects of prevention. 

Vacancy 3: for an academic researcher within the department: Competition and Regulation
We are looking for a (financial) economist or econometrician with a PhD-degree who is interested in the interactions between financial institutions, companies and households and the role government plays in this. You will work in a diverse team of enthusiastic employees who are involved in CPB’s annual financial stability report, but who also examine current policy themes in depth such as the role that professional investors play in the housing market. In the coming years, the Financial Markets program will particularly pay attention to cyclicality in the housing market and government policies in the corporate finance market. The new employee can be deployed on different research projects, depending on experience and preferences.
Information about this vacancy can be obtained from dr. Rob Aalbers, head of the sector Marktordening (06- 21704716)

Educational requirements

  • You have completed your university education in the field of economy or econometrics, and preferably have a PhD degree. We also invite you to apply if you have a degree in some other field, such as mathematics or physics, provided you have demonstrable affinity with quantitative economic analyses.
  •  You have up-to-date knowledge of quantitative research methods and economic theory.


Required competences

  • You have strongly developed analytical skills, and are able to recognise the core element of and relationships between a variety of situations, issues and data.
  • You are able to present new solutions, ideas and perspectives. You enjoy addressing complex issues from various —and sometimes unexpected— angles.
  • You form an opinion on the basis of arguments and considerations, leading to an informed judgement.
  • You make an effort to convince others of a certain idea or viewpoint, using sound and compelling arguments.
  • You are able to explain complex issues in a clear and adequate manner, to both CPB colleagues and the ministries.
  • You are a team player, actively exchanging knowledge, information and ideas.
  • Finally, you are focused on obtaining results and are able to meet deadlines, choosing the most appropriate approach to a given goal or task, and organising its execution.

About CPB
CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis is a part of the ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, but operates independently in conducting socially relevant, economic policy analyses and projections, particularly for the Dutch Government and Parliament. CPB works at the crossroads of science and policy.

Interested? For more information about job vacancies, please contact dr. Peter Zwaneveld, chairman of the job application committee (06- 15828119), p.j.zwaneveld@cpb.nl or dr. A. van der Horst, head of the sector Macro-Analyse (06- 52526165), A.van.der.horst@cpb.nl. We would like to receive a response to this vacancy no later than 7 February 2019, with a curriculum vitae, grade list and motivation letter. Apply via: cpb.onlinevacatures.nl/nl/Vacancy/Postulate/120840
Information about the application procedure can be obtained from drs. Claudia Presenti, HR counselor (06- 29052400).

Working conditions
The CPB is an independent component within the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate and all employees are therefore civil servants. All employment conditions for civil servants therefore also apply to CPB employees.
In short, that means:
A 36-hour working week, which you can complete in consultation in various ways. Telework is also possible, you can work part-time and parental leave is well organized. The CPB has promotional leave and you can receive a contribution towards the study costs.
Normally you start with an appointment for 3 years.
Academic employees earn between € 2631.28 gross per month and € 6097.10 gross per month for full-time appointments, supplemented by holiday pay and 13th month.
Look for all employment conditions at rijksoverheid.nl, or at werkenbijhetrijk.nl.


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