Working for CPB

Are you interested in working for CPB?

CPB is an open organization that strives to give all employees the opportunity to study, work independently and take control of their own development. Most of our employees are either researchers or information analysts. Researchers, in particular, often have a background in economics or econometrics. Information analysts are expected to have completed at least a higher vocational education. CPB also employs several mathematicians, IT specialists, technicians and administrators.

If you have any questions, please contact Claudia Presenti, CPB's human resources manager:  +31 6 29052400

CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis

Claudia Presenti
P.O. Box 80510
2508 GM The Hague
or email:

Terms of employment

At CPB, you may choose terms of employment that best fit your individual preferences and circumstances. That way, you can work more or less on a temporary basis, or exchange days off for a financial contribution towards a particular course of study.

CPB formally has a 36-hour working week. Employees have some say, however, in how they fill in this work week. For instance, by working four days of nine hours, or working forty hours a week and saving four compensation hours each week. CPB offers excellent possibilities for working outside the office, and part-time work and largely paid parental leave are possible.

Every CPB employee who works 40 hours per week is entitled to 23 days off per annum, and about 25 extra compensation days, which can be taken freely.

Normally you start with a period of a temporary commission.


At CPB, your salary will be determined according to the general standards of the central government. Compensation is in line with your job, your education and the way in which you do your work. To give you an idea:

  • Researchers with an academic degree earn gross salaries between 2,415.79 euro (salary scale 10-0) and 5,597.78  euro (salary scale 13-max) per month.
  • The gross salary of employees with a higher vocational education varies from 2,298.88  euro (salary scale 8-0) to 4,415.77 euro (salary scale 11-max)  per month.
  • For support staff, gross salaries vary from a minimum of 1,574.79  euro (salary scale 3-0) to a maximum of 3,497.33  euro (salary scale 9-max) per month.

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