August 27, 2012

Charted Choices 2013-2017

CPB and PBL present election manifestos analyses

Press release
Today, the Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis (CPB) and the PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency are publishing the results of the analyses of the election manifestos of 10 political parties in the book Keuzes in Kaart 2013-2017 [Charted Choices 2013-2017].

The analyses reveal the main effects on (macro) economic and purchasing power, sustainability of government finance, employment, as well as the impact on healthcare, social security, energy and climate, education, innovation, housing market, transport, mobility and nature.

The participating parties are VVD, PvdA, PVV, CDA, SP, D66, GroenLinks, Christen Unie, SGP and DPK.

The extent of this exercise makes Keuzes in Kaart 2013-2017 unique in the world. The starting point for the analysis (‘the baseline’) is the economic outlook through 2017 published by the CPB in June, incorporating the provisions of the Budget Agreement 2013. The PBL also applies its own baseline for developments relating to transport and mobility, nature as well as energy and climate. The two agencies hope that Keuzes in Kaart will help reveal the impact of the various election manifestos on a wide range of subjects.

This is the eighth time that election manifestos have been analysed since the practice was started in 1986. This was the most extensive analysis, involving the most parties and the largest number of subjects. The book outlines the effects of 2468 proposals. In total, over 80 staff from the agencies worked on the analyses. This is the second time that CPB and PBL performed the analyses together.

More information & note for the editors
This time, various infographics are included in the book. These are available for reproduction with reference to the source. Please contact Edwin van de Haar, CPB spokesman ( ).

Read the accompanying press release.

At the request of ten political parties, the Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis (CPB) and PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency have mapped out the effects of the respective election platforms on the economy and the environment. The analysis shows that each of the proposed policy measures included in the platforms has both advantages and disadvantages. The platforms thus reflect the diverse choices that have been made by the parties.

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