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The circular economy of plastics: from raw materials to waste

The circular economy aims to reduce the use of raw materials, promote re-use and recycling and limit waste. This study focuses on the circular economy of plastics and investigates what the major problems are in relation to the use of plastics and to what extent government policy is necessary and effective.

CPB Communication | 20 September 2017

4 pages | pdf document, 1.1 MB

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Study of cost-benefit analysis for e-government

The Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK) has asked CPB to determine the extent to which the methodology of cost-benefit analysis (CBA), or valuable elements thereof, can be applied in a useful and practical way within the e-government domain.

CPB Communication | 1 August 2017

28 pages | pdf document, 1.4 MB

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CPB-assessment of FES projects

CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis has been requested by the government to assess a number of projects submitted for funding by an innovation budget of 500 mln euros called ‘FES’.

CPB Document 188 | 19 August 2009

41 pages | pdf document, 184 KB

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