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Assets and liabilities of Dutch non-financial firms

The main purpose of this document is to assess the financial situation of non-financial firms. In particular, the document provides answers to two questions. Are there financial fragilities in Dutch non-financial firms? If yes, for which particular type of firms?

CPB Communication | 23 August 2017

32 pages | pdf document, 571.4 KB

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Potential economic effects of TTIP for the Netherlands

The economic effects of TTIP are analysed with WorldScan. TTIP is expected to have a positive effect on trade between the EU and the US and on investment and economic growth in both areas. Hence, the Netherlands will benefit with an increase in GDP of 1.7% in 2030.

CPB Discussion Paper 331 | 14 July 2016

30 pages | pdf document, 460.3 KB

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Trade effects of Brexit for the Netherlands

On June 23th the United Kingdom (UK) will hold a referendum on its European Union’s (EU) membership. Brexit will occur in the event of a leave vote and this will have far-reaching consequences.

CPB Background Document | 9 June 2016

32 pages | pdf document, 1.3 MB

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When is debt sustainable?

This CPB Discussion Paper proposes indicators to assess government debt sustainability. Sustainable government finances can be achieved via three main channels: fiscal responses, economic growth and financial repression.

CPB Discussion Paper 212 | 6 June 2012

44 pages | pdf document, 2.1 MB

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Wage inequality in trade-in-tasks models

Recent trade-in-tasks models suggest that relative low-skill wages (in rich high-skill abundant countries) may increase when low-skill tasks are offshored.

CPB Discussion Paper 196 | 7 December 2011

52 pages | pdf document, 7.7 MB

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