May 30, 2022

Do people value environmental goods? Evidence from the Netherlands

We find strong associations between house prices and environmental factors that are directly noticeable. This mainly concerns noise pollution and the amount of greenery and water in close proximity to a house....

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June 8, 2021

Housing Market Effects of a Railroad Tunneling: Evidence from a quasi-experiment

The railroad tunnelling in Delft (the Netherlands) has led to substantial, additional, increases in residential property prices. Our results show that the price elasticity with respect to the distance to the (tunnelled) railroad would have been about 5 percentage points lower in case Delft would not have tunneled its railroad.

Railway station Delft
May 20, 2019

Transit-oriented developments and residential property values

As urbanization continues, congestion externalities are becoming more important due to an increasing utilization of the prevailing infrastructure. A growing number of cities have conducted transit-oriented developments...