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Charted Choices 2018-2021

CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis has published the results of its assessment of the election manifestos. The report, Charted Choices 2018-2021, contains an analysis of the financial-economic choices made by 11 Dutch political parties. Differences between them proved to be large; both in the types of measures chosen by the various parties and in the resulting effects.

CPB Book 28 | 16 February 2017

374 pages | pdf document, 6.1 MB

ISBN 978-90-5833-756-6 | Go to publication

Roads to recovery

Financial crisis, euro crisis what’s next? The title of this book suggests an answer: recovery. Yet, what road will it take?

CPB Book 11 | 19 June 2014

162 pages | pdf document, 5.4 MB

ISBN 978-90-5833-645-3 | Go to publication

General Guidance for Cost-Benefit Analysis

Government policy is about making choices. Policy measures often have many different effects and the numerous different advantages and disadvantages of these effects have to be weighed up before a decision can be made.

CPB Book 10 | 6 December 2013

184 pages | pdf document, 4.5 MB

ISBN 978-90-5833-619-4 | Go to publication

Charted Choices 2013-2017

CPB and PBL present the results of the analyses of the election manifestos of ten political parties in the book Keuzes in Kaart 2013-2017 [Charted Choices 2013-2017].

CPB Book 5 | 27 August 2012

pdf document, 4.8 MB

ISBN 978-90-5833-559-3 | Go to publication

Sustainability Monitor for the Netherlands 2011

The monitor is intended to provide a picture of the sustainability of Dutch society. It shows where the Netherlands is doing well and where, from a sustainability point of view, there are still concerns.

CPB Book 3 | 5 September 2011

286 pages | pdf document, 2.6 MB

ISBN 978-90-357-1690-2 | Go to publication

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