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Does managed competition constrain hospitals’ contract prices? Evidence from the Netherlands

In the Dutch health care system health insurers negotiate with hospitals about the pricing of hospital products in a managed competition framework. In this paper, we study these contract prices that became for the first time publicly available in 2016. The data show substantive price variation between hospitals for the same products, and within a hospital for the same product across insurers.

CPB Discussion Paper 378 | 29 March 2018

24 pages | pdf document, 2.9 MB

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Competition and pricing behavior in long term care markets: Evidence from the Market for Assistance in Daily Housekeeping Activities

Exploiting a rich data set on the Dutch market for assistance in daily housekeeping activities (ADHA), we find that larger providers obtain a higher price than do small providers. However, compared to other studies on market power in care markets this price difference is considered small to moderate.

CPB Discussion Paper 373 | 8 February 2018

24 pages | pdf document, 480.6 KB

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Estimating the Impact of Forced Sales on House Prices

We study the price effects of forced sales on the Dutch housing market. A forced sale may result in a lower transaction price because of e.g. suboptimal incentives for revenue maximization.

CPB Discussion Paper 304 | 10 March 2015

36 pages | pdf document, 1.4 MB

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Targeted advertising, platform competition and privacy

Targeted advertising can benefit consumers through lower prices for access to websites. Yet, if consumers dislike that websites collect their personal information, their welfare may go down.

CPB Discussion Paper 280 | 7 July 2014

44 pages | pdf document, 1.7 MB

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This document is in Dutch, there is no English version.

CPB Communication | 4 November 2013

24 pages | pdf document, 916.7 KB

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Dynamic market selection in EU business services

European business services has witnessed about two decades of virtual productivity stagnation. The paper investigates whether this is caused by weak dynamic market selection.

CPB Discussion Paper 210 | 28 August 2012

38 pages | pdf document, 1.6 MB

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Optimal regulation of lumpy investments

In this CPB Discussion Paper we study optimal timing of regulated investment in a real options setting, in which the regulated monopolist has private information on investment costs.

CPB Discussion Paper 214 | 3 July 2012

22 pages | pdf document, 879 KB

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