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Cost-benefit analysis for flood risk management and water governance in the Netherlands: an overview of one century

The Netherlands is a global reference for flood risk management. This reputation is based on a mix of world-class civil engineering projects and innovative concepts of water governance. For more than a century, cost-benefit analysis has been an important tool for both flood risk management as well as water governance in the Netherlands. It has helped to select the most effective and efficient flood risk projects and to coordinate and reconcile the interests of various policy areas, levels of government and private stakeholders.

CPB Background Document | 22 August 2017

52 pages | pdf document, 1.7 MB

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This document is in Dutch, there is no English translation of this page.

CPB Policy Brief 2013/04 | 29 May 2013

18 pages | pdf document, 1.9 MB

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Do rich households live farther away from their workplaces?

One of the classic predictions of urban economic theory is that high-income and low-income households choose different residential locations and therefore, conditional on workplace location, have different commuting patterns.

CPB Discussion Paper 244 | 13 May 2013

26 pages | pdf document, 941.6 KB

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Optimal fiscal policy

This paper derives and estimates rules for fiscal policy that prescribe the optimal response to changes in unemployment and debt.

CPB Discussion Paper 242 | 15 April 2013

54 pages | pdf document, 1.5 MB

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