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Quality Assessment

External control and assessment of the quality of the output and the organisation of CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis (CPB) is of great concern to us. Such safeguards have enhanced the quality of our research and contributed to our independence.

This explains not only why all of our publications are freely available to the public through this website, but also why CPB regularly asks external bodies to evaluate its work.

Central Planning Committee (CPC)

CPB has its own independent advisory committee: the Central Planning Committee (CPC). The CPC meets at least twice a year and advises the executive management about CPB’s output and organisation.

The members of the CPC originate from academia and business. The members are appointed for a three-year period.  The current CPC members (2017-2021) are the following:  

  • Hans Smits, chair (Board of Directors Janssen de Jong Group)
  • Jan van Ours (Tilburg University)
  • Roel Janssen (writer and journalist)
  • Margot Scheltema (supervisory director)
  • Dirk Jan van den Berg (Sanquin)
  • Peter Blom (Triodos Bank)
  • Frida van den Maagdenberg (AMC)
  • Janneke Plantenga (University Utrecht)


The most recent report, 'Noblesse Oblige' (only in Dutch), originates from 2016, when the committee was chaired by Aart Jan de Geus.

Policy-oriented assessment

The Bureau’s output for policymakers is assessed once every five years. A committee of policymakers and independent experts review CPB’s output from a policy perspective.

The most recent report, 'Uit de lengte of uit de breedte' (only in Dutch), originates from 2013, when the committee was chaired by prof. dr J.M.G. Frijns.

Scientific-oriented assessment

Besides the policy-oriented quality, CPB invites a group of international and independent experts for a scientific review once every five years. The most recent review was published in January 2010 and was chaired by professor Martin F. Hellwig. The report is entitled Focusing on quality – Report from the CPB Review Committee 2010.

In preparation for the review, CPB carried out its own self-assessment of its output. See the publication Charting CPB’s course.

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