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April 20, 2016

Aspecten van brede welvaart in CPB-studies

Publication (in Dutch only)

De Werkgroep Breed welvaartsbegrip van de Tweede Kamer bereidt een eventueel parlementair onderzoek voor.

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May 22, 2008

Economic effects of regulating and subsidizing the rental housing market.


In the name of putting decent and affordable housing within everybody’s, but especially the poor’s, reach, the Dutch authorities regulate the supply of rental houses, subsidize demand and subject rents to rent controls.

April 1, 2004

Second opinion on the global cost-benefit analyses 'Urbanisation Randstad' and 'Corridor'


CPB verdict on two global cost-benefit analyses.

June 20, 2001

Analysing the proposals of the Advisory Committee on Disability ('Donner II')


How will the proposals of the 'Commissie Donner II' work out?