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May 27, 2021

Brave new data – Databeleid in een imperfecte wereld

Publication (in Dutch only)

Data spelen een belangrijke rol in onze economie. Door knelpunten worden soms te weinig en soms te veel data gedeeld. In de CPB-publicatie ‘Brave New Data’ worden bouwstenen verkend voor nieuw databeleid.

May 27, 2021

Policy Options for the Data Economy – a Literature Review


The data economy has drastically altered our lives in the last two decades. Search engines and smartphones have become ubiquitous. Sharing of data is a key element of the data economy. Often, individual consumers and organizations decide themselves whether to share data or not. Individual decision making forms the starting point of data policy. The choice to share data, however, also impacts others. Privacy of individuals, for example, is increasingly intertwined. From a societal point of view, we sometimes share too much data while in other instances we share too little. What alternatives do we have for organizing the data economy?