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April 17, 2023

National Productivity Board 2022 annual report

The dip in productivity growth in 2020 was followed by a strong recovery in 2021. As in most years, the growth in labour productivity in 2021 is mainly driven by the growth in Total Factor Productivity (TFP)....

January 26, 2022

Trade benefits of the EU and the Internal Market

The Dutch gross domestic product (GDP) is structurally 3.1% higher due to the trade benefits of the European Union. This makes the Netherlands one of the countries that will benefit most from the increased trade by the EU.

 trade benefits of the European Union
December 13, 2021

National Productivity Board 2021 annual report

Productivity growth has been declining for several decades; not only in the Netherlands but in many European countries. During the corona pandemic, productivity growth has dropped even more....

August 10, 2021

The contribution of business dynamics to productivity growth in the Netherlands

This paper analyses the declining firm dynamism in the Netherlands, which may explain part of the slowdown in productivity growth. We use a rich microdata set including nearly all corporations in the Netherlands during...

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