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Henk-Wim de Boer

wet. medewerker

  • +31 6 41603330
  • H.W.de.Boer@cpb.nl
  • Centraal Planbureau
  • Bezuidenhoutseweg 30
  • 2594 AV Den Haag

Publications by Henk-Wim de Boer

Optimal Taxation of Secondary Earners in the Netherlands: Has Equity Lost Ground?

The Netherlands witnessed major reforms in the taxation of (potential) secondary earners over the past decade. Using the inverse-optimal method of optimal taxation we recover the implicit social welfare weights of single- and dual-earner couples over time. The social welfare weights are grosso modo well-behaved before the reforms.

CPB Discussion Paper 375 | 15 February 2018

60 pages | pdf document, 3.6 MB

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