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Financial markets

During and after the financial crisis of 2007 and 2008 insecurity about the financial system has increased sharply. CPB conducts research into the functioning of financial markets and the effects of policy.

Most recent publications

How do the Dutch Finance their Own House? – Descriptive Evidence from Administrative Data

We investigate the major financing components which are used to purchase a house in the Netherlands. This is important to shed more light on the effects of changing lending norms. We look at the full universe of housing transactions in the Netherlands by making use of administrative data from Statistics Netherlands (CBS) for the period 2006-2014.

CPB Background Document | 5 June 2018

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A Review on ESBies - The senior tranche of sovereign bond-backed securities

Safe assets, assets with low risk and high liquidity, are the cornerstone for modern financial systems. The biggest holders of safe assets are banks, which need to hold safe assets to meet capital and liquidity requirements. Safe assets also provide high-quality, liquid collateral for banks’ repo transactions. Besides, safe assets provide benchmarks for the price formation of other financial assets.

CPB Background Document | 5 June 2018

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