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ICT and Innovation

Innovation, the introduction to the market of new products and services, is a fundamental source of economic growth. Information and communication technology (ICT) has become crucial factor for innovation.

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Computers have become indispensable for the development, testing, manufacturing and selling of  products and for the management of organizations. In particular, Internet plays an increasingly prominent role in the economy and in society in general. The rapid growth of Internet has enabled services that seemed unlikely five years ago. At the same time, Internet poses new challenges for policy makers.

ICT and Innovation Programme

The research programme ICT and Innovation focuses on the new public interests that arise from the growth of Internet, as well as on the more traditional types of innovation policy which aim to encourage innovation by means of subsidies, tax breaks and intellectual property rights (patents, etc.). Regarding ICT, the emphasis of the programme is on privacy, cyber security, market power and changes in the geographical distribution of economic activity. With respect to the traditional innovation policy, the emphasis is on reform of intellectual property rights and econometric evaluation.

Most recent publications

Cyber Security Risk Assessment (CSRA) for the Economy

Society is digitising. The five most valuable companies in the world are ICT companies. The Dutch population makes extensive use of the Internet, and the government is also focusing increasingly on the use of digital means. This digitisation also involves an increase in the economic importance of cyber security.

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