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Welfare state

Unemploymentbenefits, disability insurance, welfare, old age pensions, housing. The Netherlands is a welfare state. This welfare state requires constant maintenance, therfore it´s one of CPB´s main researchtopics.

The housing market is also a research topic for CPB. The government has a large influence on the housing market, with subsidies and tax benefits for home owners, tenants, developers and building cooperatives. CPB research in this area focuses on government policy and the functioning of the housing market.

Most recent publications

Frontier firms and followers in the Netherlands: estimating productivity and identifying the frontier

This study shows that constructing a large dataset, which sufficiently covers all firm sizes, is a prerequisite for studying the divergence hypothesis. We merge datasets of individual firm and employee data in the years 20062015 for the Netherlands, resulting in a representative sample of corporations. We find no evidence of diverging productivity between firms on the national frontier and laggard firms.

CPB Background Document | 2 July 2018

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