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Steady economic growth, Government deficit declines

Short-term forecasts CEP 2015, 5 March 2015, up to and including 2016. To the press release

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Mismatch on the Dutch labour market in the Great Recession

The Great Recession has caused unemployment in the Netherlands to rise from 3.1% in 2008 to over 7% at the beginning of 2014. Structural imbalances caused by labour mismatch could be one of the explanations underlying this high rate.

CPB Discussion Paper 303 | 26‑02‑2015 | Download (PDF document, 2.6 MB)

Technical background document for BVAR models used at CPB

At CPB, we have developed two Bayesian vector autoregressive (VAR) models, one for the Dutch economy and one for the world trade.

CPB Background Document  | 24‑02‑2015 | Download (PDF document, 1.5 MB)

Fiscal policy and CO2 emissions of new passenger cars in the EU

To what extent have national fiscal policies contributed to the decarbonisation of newly sold passenger cars?

CPB Discussion Paper 302 | 5‑02‑2015 | Download (PDF document, 508.8 KB)

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Forecasts Central Economic Plan 2015 (5 March 2015)

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Newsletter February 2015

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Movie about CPB-projections

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CPB World Trade Monitor

The volume of world trade increased by 0.9% in the month December. Read more

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CPB Policy Brief 2014/07

Structural budget balance: a love at first sight turned sour... Improvements required. Read more

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