June 1, 2010

Distribution of benefits between generations; the future of Dutch public finance.

Betalen voor vergrijzing

Press release
De Nederlandse overheid staat voor een structurele begrotingsopgave van 29 miljard euro, als gevolg van toekomstige vergrijzing en het huidige begrotingstekort.

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Dick Morks
Albert van der Horst

The necessary adjustment, known as the sustainability gap, is calculated at 4½% of GDP. This gap has grown by 1½% GDP since the previous ageing study by CPB in 2006. The main reasons for this deterioration are a higher life expectancy and the impact of the credit crisis. The government has to decide how to improve its budget, with restructuring or tax increases, immediately or delayed. This study shows the consequences of alternative policy reforms on the sustainability gap and government debt, on the economy and on the distribution of net benefits between generations.

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Albert van der Horst
Casper van Ewijk
Ruud de Mooij
Harry ter Rele
Nick Draper