Apply yourself the CPB model Saffier

This tool enables you to explore the Dutch macro economy. What, for example, is the expected economic impact of higher social transfers? To what extent does a higher income tax fill the treasury? Does an increase in world trade lead to more jobs in The Netherlands? You can use this tool to answer these and many more questions.

Please see the press release that introduces this app, a column about the app, and more general information on CPB models.

This tool simulates our Saffier model. We use this model to project the Dutch economy on the short and medium term. These projections form the basis for our well-known Central Economic Plan in spring and Macroeconomic Outlook in autumn. We also use Saffier for the analysis of coalition agreements and election programmes.

With this tool, we enable students, teachers, journalists, policymakers and others to adapt the base path of one or two economic variables with small impulses. Users can change up to two variables. In addition, the permitted change - the 'impulse' - is limited in scope. In the practice of CPB policy calculations, complicated or larger adjustments always require an expert's opinion in addition to the model results.

If you have questions on this webtool, you can use our contactform (please provide the subject "webtool Saffier"). We cannot guarantee to answer all individual questions. On the Q&A we will provide the answers on frequent questions.

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