Central Economic Plan 2022

Projections March 2022

Energy price increase has unequal impact; uncertainty dominates projections

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World Trade February 2022

World Trade February

World trade shows modest growth of 0.3% in February 2022. The euro area showed both positive growth for exports (1.1%) and imports (1.0%). The United Kingdom showed export growth (8.0%), after the large drop in exports (-9.9%) of last month, but that can be partly attributed to a change in reporting methodology.

 trade benefits of the European Union

Trade benefits of the EU and the Internal Market

The Dutch gross domestic product (GDP) is structurally 3.1% higher due to the trade benefits of the European Union. This makes the Netherlands one of the countries that will benefit most from the increased trade by the EU.

Analysis of the Coalition Agreement

Coalition Agreement

CPB, at the request of the ‘formateur’ (person responsible for forming a new government), calculated the budgetary and economic consequences of the current Coalition Agreement. This was done on the basis of the budgetary appendix to the Coalition Agreement.

Opened piggy bank

Pension Payout Preferences

Dutch retirees – and individuals who are close to retirement – show a clear interest in two alternatives for the default lifelong flat rate annuity. In a survey experiment with over a thousand participants we investigated how appealing these different payout options are to retirees, and what influences their preferences.

an elderly woman with a walker

Co-payments on nursing homes contain use but increase financial risk

In 2013, a reform (the vermogensinkomensbijtelling) increased co-payments for long-term care for people with financial wealth. A shown in a new empirical study, it induced older people to postpone nursing home use, but only by a few days on average. The reform reduced the financial pressure on the long-term care system, but at the cost of raising the financial risk of older adults.


Analysis of The Covid-19 pandemic support policy 2020 with company data

This research shows that the support policy in 2020 has kept firms afloat, thereby preserving jobs. This was at the expense of economic dynamics. Most support has ended up in industries hardest hit by the lockdown, such...