CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis strives to be accessible for everyone. Do you come across a web page that is not accessible? Please report this to us.

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What is an accessible website?

An accessible website is easy to use for everyone. That is why the Temporary Decree on digital accessibility for governments (Tijdelijk besluit digitale toegankelijkheid overheid) stipulates that government websites must comply with accessibility requirements as laid down in EN 301 549 / WCAG 2.1 and must take responsibility for this in a published accessibility statement.

What we do about accessibility

We guarantee good accessibility of our website through various measures within our (daily) processes:

  • Accessibility "by design": accessibility is part of all steps in the design, construction and editorial process of our website from the start.

  • Research: experts regularly check (parts of) the website on accessibility. Both for the functional-technical parts and the editorial aspects. We solve bottlenecks that are found.

  • Knowledge of employees: our employees keep their knowledge of accessibility up to date and apply it where necessary.

Parts for which the website does not comply

  • Publications of the CPB are offered as a PDF file. This is because it often concerns extensive documents that people like to put in a (digital) file. As a result, no full html version is available, but only a brief summary.

  • Some graphs are so complex that no good text alternatives can be found.

  • Our images do not have alt texts. Where an alt text can be of added value for images, we will add this as soon as possible.

Register of accessibility statements

All statements from Dutch governmental websites can be found in the Register of accessibility statements (Register van toegankelijkheidsverklaringen).

Did you find a page on this website that is not accessible for you? Please report this to us.