Image Built environment

Built environment

In its research, CPB uses an integrated approach to regional and urban housing markets and infrastructure investments. The aim is to conduct economic analyses for government policies aimed at the housing market, the...

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Image Climate and Environment

Climate and Environment

CPB has chosen to play a central role in analysing the impact of climate and environmental policy on the economy and general welfare — both qualitatively and, where possible, quantitatively....

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Image COVID-19


The COVID-19 crisis continues to have widespread social impact. CPB focuses on economic issues in relation to the coronavirus, such as the impact of the crisis and COVID-19-related policies on business productivity and...

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Image Data science team

Data science team

CPB always strives to enrich its scientific and policy-oriented research with data science techniques, thus offering more insight into important social issues. To this end, we are always gathering new knowledge on new...

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Image Elections


CPB analyses election manifestos (in the period leading up to general elections) and coalition agreements and alternative budget proposals during the time in which a coalition is being formed. In this way, CPB helps political parties to outline the effects of their proposals and plans. Usually, the prognosis about purchasing power—the expected impact of those proposals on the purchasing power of citizens— receives a particularly large amount of attention.

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Elections 2023

The CPB offers political parties the opportunity to calculate the economic consequences of election programmes. The calculation of election programmes, 'Charted choices' (KiK in Dutch), is now part of a long-standing...

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Image General welfare

General welfare

Politicians and policymakers recently called for a general welfare perspective on the government's budgeting and accountability system. General welfare is about more than the immediate financial economic benefits and...

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Image Health care

Health care

CPB intends to highlight new perspectives on public health care policy, with the aim of substantially contributing to socially relevant economic analyses in the field of health care, also in the...

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Image International analysis

International analysis

Through international analyses, CPB provides up-to-date, accurate and relevant information about the impact of international factors on the Dutch economy. To this end, it researches the medium-term impact of these...

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Image Knowledge and Innovation

Knowledge and Innovation

In the coming years, CPB intends to make substantial contributions to policy-relevant economic analyses of the various fields within the knowledge chain. This chain runs from pre-school education, to primary, secondary,...

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Image Labour


Part and parcel of CPB’s work is to outline and interpret any important developments on the labour market and in social security and to create both short-term and long-term future scenarios in these areas....

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Image Long-term outlook

Long-term outlook

What will the Netherlands look like in 2050? Will we still be the prosperous nation we are today, combining high levels of productivity and education with an extensive welfare state?...

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Image Macroeconomics


CPB is responsible for projections of the Dutch economy for its Central Economic Plan (CEP) and Macro Economic Outlook (MEV). In the coming years, CPB will be working in this line of research on further model...

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Image Model quality

Model quality

CPB uses economic models for projections, calculations and quantitative analyses. These models differ in purpose, design and use: CPB has models that describe the functioning of the macro-economy, the behavior of...

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Image Public finances

Public finances

The Public Finances programme produces independent forecasts of Dutch public finances (expenditures and revenues) in both the short and medium term. It also studies long-term public finances, with the challenge of...

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Image Risk and regulation

Risk and regulation

Individual behaviour and public interests are aligned through agreements about the rules and by regulating markets. CPB investigates how various markets could be regulated in order to safeguard public interests....

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Image Taxation


Providing insight into the tax system and the redistributive effects of government policies is an important part of CPB's work. In the coming years, we will be expanding the research on the impact of climate policy on...

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