March 30, 2004

The Dutch ICT industry and multinationals; the relationship between performance and competence

Prestaties Nederlandse ICT-industrie onderschat

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The industry's performance does not seem to fit its competence. In the 1990s, output and productivity growth rates were lower than developments seen internationally. Additionally, the industry makes little specialised ICT products. In contrast, the amount of highly educated personnel and the presence of the headquarters and prominent laboratories of leading multinationals point to a strong competence.

Underestimation of the performance of managers and researchers of Dutch ICT multinationals can partially explain the coexistence of strong competence and weak performance. Statistical offices mainly register output in the countries where the factories of the multinationals are established, and not in the headquarters and laboratories. However, managers and researchers indirectly contribute to production and productivity growth of the whole company as well. The Dutch performance will improve if the latter is properly accounted for in statistics.

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