September 9, 2010

The effect of competition on process and outcome quality of hospital care: An empirical analysis for the Netherlands

Effecten concurrentie tussen ziekenhuizen vooralsnog beperkt

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Concurrentie tussen ziekenhuizen leidt tot snellere diagnosestellingen en een strakkere operatieplanning, maar heeft vooralsnog geen effect op de gezondheid van patiënten.

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Edwin van de Haar
Victoria Shestalova

The paper focuses on the relationship between competition and quality in the Dutch hospital sector. We analyse the period of 2004-2008, in which a healthcare reform took place in the Netherlands, introducing competition in the healthcare sector.

The increased attention to hospital quality and its growing importance in a new institutional environment have resulted in a gradual increase of the voluntary disclosure of quality indicators by Dutch hospitals. We use panel data on Dutch general and academic hospitals in 2004-2008, including both process indicators (e.g., share of operation cancellations on short notice and share of diagnoses within 5 days) and outcome indicators (e.g., mortality rates) of hospital quality.

We take the correlation between the disclosure decision and the level of the disclosed quality indicators explicitly into account by estimating a bivariate model. We find that competition explains differences in performance on process indicators, but not on outcome indicators.


Michiel Bijlsma
Pierre Koning
Victoria Shestalova

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