April 19, 2010

The effects of the schooling voucher system with respect to higher education enrolment

Lerarenbeurs leidt tot weinig extra scholingsdeelname van docenten

Press release
De lerarenbeurs stimuleert scholingsdeelname van docenten slechts in beperkte mate. Van elke tien beschikbaar gestelde beurzen wordt er gemiddeld één gebruikt voor scholing die zonder beurs niet zou hebben plaatsgevonden.

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This study investigates the additionality of this scheme with respect to higher education enrolment.

The central conclusion is that the additionality is limited. Out of every ten vouchers, one is used for schooling that would not have taken place without such a voucher, one voucher is not used, and eight are used for higher education enrolment which would have taken place anyhow.

The additionality increases with study duration. The additionality could be improved by limiting the supply of vouchers to requests for studies with a duration of more than one year.

This publication is in Dutch.


Marc van der Steeg
Dinand Webbink

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