June 26, 2001

Future policy in telecommunications: an analytical framework

Telecombedrijven prikkelen tot investeren

Press release
Ontwikkelingen op telecomgebied plaatsen beleidsmakers voor tal van uitdagingen. Hoe kunnen beleidsmakers problemen tijdig herkennen? Welk beleid kan zowel ondernemers investeringsprikkels geven als consumenten beschermen?

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 The aim is to analyse a limited number of developments that are exogenous to policymakers. The policy issues that emerge depend mainly on the trade-off between so-called static and dynamic efficiency. The three exogenous developments we consider are: growth of internet through mobile, the outpacing of demand for supply of broad band internet access, and the concentration and consolidation of the European mobile industry.

This paper describes the policy trade-offs for each of the exogenous developments, charts the likely development of the industry given certain key drivers, and suggests ways in which the market can be pushed towards the optimum state of high dynamic and high static efficiency. This work is co-financed by OPTA.


Paul de Bijl
M. Bennett
Marcel Canoy