April 16, 2008

Skill gaps in the EU: role for education and training policies

Voorlichting beste manier om optimale studiekeuze te bevorderen

Press release
De Europese Commissie wil dat Europa de sterkste economische regio in de wereld wordt. Een goede afstemming tussen opleiding en arbeidsmarkt is belangrijk om dat doel te bereiken.

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Dinand Webbink
Dick Morks

European citizens can best decide for themselves on the type of education. Distribution of information on occupation prospects is effective to influence their choice of education. Moreover, it is important that the education system is sufficiently flexible to absorb unexpected shocks in skill needs of employees. Policies stimulating education targeted at government-assigned sectors are risky policies. Intensification of general education at the cost of specific education, and intensification of training of employees find little support.


Bert Minne
Marc van der Steeg
Dinand Webbink

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