September 6, 2000

Trends, dilemma's en beleid; essays over ontwikkelingen op langere termijn

Een sociale en culturele verkenning van de toekomstzekerheden,vragen en uitdagingen

Press release
Ter ondersteuning van een gedachtewisseling over lange termijn vraagstukken heeft het Kabinet het Sociaal en Cultureel Planbureau (SCP) en het Centraal Planbureau (CPB) verzocht toekomstverkenningen te maken in de vorm van een aantal essays.

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What does the concept of individualisation mean and what are its consequences? Which challenges does a knowledge economy pose for policy in the field of education, science and technology? What is the relation between quality and efficiency in the welfare society? What do trends towards larger differentiation, more heterogeneity and an ageing population imply for health care, education and public order? What are the bottlenecks and opportunities in town and country planning?

These are some of the questions in the essays written by SCP (Social and Cultural Planning Office) and CPB for the Dutch government. As a whole the essays present a concise sketch of the future for the long run. Starting from the trends that are becoming apparent in several fields, experts from both institutions have formulated qualitative views on the challenges and dilemmas for government policy in the next ten to fifteen years. This study contains those essays, which have been only slightly modified since they were presented to the cabinet in the beginning of the summer.

This publication is in Dutch.