December 20, 2004

Unity or variety in research agendas? About beta-oriented R&D-specialisation patterns of science and business in the Netherlands

CPB: Onderzoeksagenda's wetenschap en bedrijfsleven liggen ver uiteen

Press release
De bèta-gerichte onderzoeksagenda's van wetenschap en bedrijfsleven verschillen behoorlijk. Dat vermindert de potentie tot kennisuitwisseling tussen wetenschap en bedrijven.

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A good interaction between science and business may increase the innovation capacity of the economy. However, if science and business are active in quite different research areas, then the opportunity for science-industry interaction is limited in any case.

The current report describes R&D activity in bèta-oriented technology areas by business firms, universities and research institutions in the Netherlands. The empirical study shows that R&D-specialisation patterns of the business sector and the (semi-)public knowledge institutions do differ substantially. Similar differences have been found in other countries.

At least three considerations are involved in the assessment of these empirical findings: opportunity for public-private interaction in R&D, knowledge development to the benefit of public tasks, and differences between technology areas in the size of external effects of knowledge. Whether the current scientific research agenda is justified from a social point of view or needs adjustment, cannot be assessed right away with these considerations.

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Marieke Rensman

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