February 2, 2005

On the way to tomorrow; an economic analysis of the digitalising media landscape

Ontwikkelingen in de mediawereld vragen om scherper profiel publieke omroep

Press release
Als gevolg van het sterk toegenomen media-aanbod en de opkomst van betaal-tv gaan mediaproducten zoals nieuws, steeds meer op gewone producten lijken. Door de verspreiding van snel Internet vervagen de verschillen tussen distributiekanalen als krant, tv en radio.

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Dick Morks

The conclusion is that the market for media products is increasingly operating like a 'normal' market. By consequence, a number of aims will be more easily reached (pluralism, accessibility). Policy intervention will, however, still be needed for the remaining aim of quality (and perhaps independence).

We also argue that the focus of policy should no longer be on the distribution channel (like television or newspapers), but rather on the type of content (e.g. news or entertainment). The most eminent reason for this shift in perspective is the growing convergence between the various distribution channels, as well as the observation that specific media goals are relevant to varying degrees for the different types of content.

Combining the content approach with the movement towards a 'normal' market, we conclude that the public service broadcaster could have a more limited mandate.

This publication is in Dutch.


Richard Nahuis
Marja Appelman
Machiel van Dijk
Ben Vollaard
Daniël Waagmeester