March 1, 2003

Through the looking glass

CPB follows a broad strategy to assess and improve the quality of its work, based on feedback generated from various circles.

An overall evaluation of CPB's work was provided in 1997 by an external Review Committee of international reputation. In 2001 an assessment of CPB’s work was made from the perspective of national policy-makers, by a committee of national experts well versed in the process of policy preparation at the Ministerial level and in related circles (Social-Economic Council, Dutch Central BankNow)

Now, a new Review Committee1 has been asked to evaluate the quality of CPB’s work and to help identify areas for improvement. The Committee will focus on CPB’s research activities as well as on its forecast and policy analysis. In addition, the Committee may give recommendations with respect to CPB’s culture, organisation and human resource management.

To prepare for the work of the Review Committee, CPB has prepared this self-assessment, which details the Bureau’s work, tasks, activities and plans, and formulates a number of questions to the Committee. During the Committee’s visit to the Bureau (which is scheduled at the beginning of April 2003) the Committee will meet with management and employees of CPB, as well as customers of CPB products, including high-ranking civil servants, politicians and representatives from social economic consultancy bureaus and some independent observers.


Through the looking glass
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Dick Morks