April 27, 2006

Analyses of bottlenecks for corridor Rotterdam-Antwerpen for the project Mainportcorridor South.

Proposals are being prepared for the project Mainport Corridor South aiming at an improvement of road transport flows between Rotterdam and Antwerp. These proposals will be subject of a cost-benefit analysis later this year.

The present publication serves as a preliminary study identifying possible bottlenecks in the corridor. It turns out that serious bottlenecks are encountered in the corridor, both on highroads and in the environment. However, a large number of these bottlenecks will be dealt with in the years up to 2020, given the policy recommendations put forward in the government’s Mobility Paper. Most certainly, the area of industrial estates will have to be expanded somewhat until 2020.

This publication is in Dutch.


Paul Besseling
J.A. Annema
Machiel Mulder