October 10, 2017

Analysis economic and budgetary effects of the financial appendix to the Coalition Agreement

This analysis is based on the measures in the financial appendix to the Coalition Agreement, as submitted to CPB on 29 September. Chapter 10 lists the measures included in the analysis. The method used for assessing the package of measures is similar to that used for CPB’s assessment of the election manifestos (Charted Choices 2018–2021). In contrast to the election manifestos assessment, this analysis also includes measures with a budgetary impact below 100 million euros.

The baseline scenario represents the medium-term outlook as published in August 2017.  This means that the decisions made by the outgoing Cabinet in August, which were included in calculations for the Budget Memorandum 2018, are included in this analysis in the form of measures. Any adjustments to those decisions are included as separate measures.  

Some of the submitted measures are not yet very specific. This is indicated in the list in Chapter 10, where applicable with: not to be overrun. More detailed information on the implementation could affect the impacts presented here. For measures related to the tax burden, policy-induced developments are presented on the basis of the EMU balance. Developments that are not EMU-relevant are not shown. 


Albert van der Horst
Wim Suyker