November 27, 2009

Assessment of 16 projects submitted for funding by a budget on Physical Planning

CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis and the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency have been requested by the government to assess a number of projects submitted for funding by a budget of 1 mld euros on Physical Planning.

This publication presents the assessment of 16 projects on which the government has already made a decision. The central question in the assessment is whether the project is expected to contribute to social welfare.

Four projects and one project part have received a (neutral) to positive evaluation, four projects a neutral one, one project has received a slightly negative assessment, four projects and one project part ended up with a negative assessment and two projects could not be evaluated on the basis of the information available.

Given the short time span of the project, the analysis has the character of a quick scan.

This publication is in Dutch.


D. Hamers
Herman Stolwijk

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