December 15, 2006

Charting choices 2008-2011: economic effects of eight election platforms

In the run-up to the Dutch general election on 22 November 2006, CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis (CPB) published an analysis of the economic effects of eight election platforms.

The CPB conducted this analysis at the request of the political parties in question. This was the sixth occasion since 1986 that such an evaluation of election platforms has been made, so it is by now somewhat of a tradition.

This working document contains an extensive summary of the study's findings.

  • Section 2 provides some background information, considering the contents, merits and limitations of the analysis.
  • Section 3 outlines the scenario for the Dutch economy which serves as the basis for the analysis.
  • Section 4 considers the effects of the election platforms: first the implications for the public finances, macroeconomic developments and purchasing power; then the extent to which the parties' policy packages will succeed in improving the sustainability of the public finances; and finally, proposals in the areas of education, science and innovation.

The study aims to chart not only the parties' expenditures on these policy areas, but also the positive effects of the policy proposals.

The Dutch version of this publication has been published as CPB Special Publication 65.


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