February 24, 1999

Competitiveness of the seaports of Rotterdam, Antwerp, Hamburg and Bremen on the German transport markets

Havenconcurrentie op Duitse markt in beeld

Press release
De omvangrijke container- en stukgoedmarkten in West- en Zuid-Duitsland bieden de Rotterdamse haven de meeste kansen voor vergroting van haar Duitse marktaandeel. Van de hoge groei in Oost-Duitsland zullen Rotterdam en Antwerpen slechts beperkt kunnen profiteren vanwege de dominante positie van de nabijgelegen haven van Hamburg.

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The huge container and other general cargo markets in the west and the south of Germany offer the best chances for the port of Rotterdam to increase its market share. Rotterdam will not profit from the robust growth in the eastern part of Germany, which can be considered as the captive market of Hamburg. Improved connections, concentration in transport, the trend for larger ships and the closing of German coal mines are to the advantage of the port of Rotterdam. To increase its market share, Rotterdam can strengthen its competitiveness by improving the hinterland connections, increasing the number of players and attracting strategic German market players to the harbour.

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