September 25, 2008

Cross your border and look around

Bedrijven leren vooral van topbedrijven in eigen land

Press release
Dit zijn de belangrijkste conclusies die de onderzoekers Henry van der Wiel en Harold Creusen (CPB) en George van Leeuwen en Eugene van der Pijll (CBS) trekken in het vandaag verschenen CPB Document 170 'Cross your border and look around'.

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Using firm-level data of 127 industries in the Netherlands, the document analyses which determinants are most relevant for a catch up to the global frontier and in that respect are important for the productivity performance of firms. Moreover, the document takes into account the potential importance of a national frontier. The frontier is defined as the highest productivity level at the national or global level respectively.

The document provides econometric evidence that technology transfers matter, predominantly from the national frontier. Particularly, R&D encourages growth through technology transfers from the national frontier. This suggests that firms mainly conduct R&D in order to adopt existing technologies from other (domestic) firms. Competition on Dutch markets plays a role in productivity growth as well. Finally, human capital also seems to affect productivity growth.



Henry van der Wiel
Harold Creusen

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